San Diego Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Protecting Your Legal Rights

Pedestrians are a constant in San Diego. At almost any time of the day, the streets are filled with people walking seemingly en masse from place to place. While this is truly one of the unique characteristics of the city, it also gives rise to risks and danger for those who choose to travel by foot. When pedestrians are harmed, their first step should be to seek the help of experienced San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers.

Below you’ll find information regarding San Diego pedestrian accident statistics, damages that could be sought in a San Diego personal injury lawsuit that follows and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has been harmed in such a situation and you need the help of San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers.

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Unfortunately, the enormous numbers of pedestrians in San Diego leads to a high rate of San Diego pedestrian accidents. According to statistics kept by the state, more than 15,000 pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents occur somewhere in the state every year. In addition, these accidents lead to nearly as many people being injured and another 300 fatalities. This should tell anyone who has been harmed in a San Diego pedestrian accident that he or she is far from alone.

Potential Damages Available in a San Diego Personal Injury Lawsuit

When a pedestrian is injured because of the negligence of a motorist, he or she faces more than a 95 percent chance of suffering some sort of injury. Therefore, it’s common for those who have been harmed to seek justice by way of a San Diego personal injury lawsuit. While every case is somewhat different, below you’ll find some examples of the types of damages that could be available to a plaintiff:

  1. Medical costs – Injuries lead to the need for medical attention, and even if someone has health insurance, it’s often the case that the insurance coverage will not pay for all of the medical bills incurred. These costs can be recaptured with a successful legal claim.
  2. Lost income – If someone is injured badly enough that he or she is unable to work for any period of time, it’s possible that the injured person will face the possibility of lost income. If this lost income is the result of the injuries suffered by someone’s negligence, a successful lawsuit could award damages for this amount.
  3. Pain and suffering – While the two forms of damages described above are generally directly related to costs, New York law also allows for the awarding of pain and suffering damages. These damages are intended to compensate the plaintiff for the loss of quality of life that the injured person endures as a result of the accident at issue.

Ultimately, if you or someone you love has been harmed in such an accident, you need to seek the help of experienced New York pedestrian accident lawyers so that you can concentrate on your recovery.