How To Choose A Car Accident Attorney In San Diego

Automobile accidents are increasing at an alarming rate. The growing number of cars on our roads, large engines, drunk driving, elderly motorists, and unlicensed drivers are some of the reasons behind these fatalities.

As you know, these accidents have dreadfu effects on the victims – from physical to mental damages, and even death! Thus, you’re always advised to look for a skilled automobile accident lawyer to represent your case….

How exactly do you pick the best attorney for your specific case? It’s not as easy as it sounds.

How to hire the best auto accident lawyer.


The first and the most important step in finding an automobile accident lawyer is looking at their experience.

Remember that you’re looking for a lawyer who must be highly skilled to increase the possibilities of a better settlement for you.

Look for a lawyer who has handled many cases that are similar to yours and ask yourself the following questions to ensure you pick an attorney with significant experience:

Has he handled similar cases before? for how long has the lawyer been practicing? does he attend trial regularly? is he willing to go to the trial or he’ll push hard to settle your case?

Communication is Key!

Regular communication between you and your attorney is important, why? Simply put, it helps you keep informed on your case proceedings, ask your lawyer any questions you might have regarding your case, etc.

Make sure you hire an attorney who picks up your calls, replies personally to emails, and answers questions as fast as possible.

Different lawyers have different communication policies. For example, some state that they return calls as well as emails within certain hours. Other require scheduled appointments (either in person or through the phone) to make to answer your questions.

Make sure you understand your attorney’s communication policy if you want to smooth the process until you get your deserved settlement.

Does the attorney have a winning record?

A real question you should ask yourself when hiring the car accident attorney.

Always look for a lawyer who wins cases. Period.

You might take this as a simple statement but keep in mind that there’s A reason why attorney A keeps winning while attorney B keeps losing.

Often, attorneys who lose cases do so because they always do something not interviewing the witnesses, not filling correctly all the papers, not following up with the opposing counsel and judges, etc.

Ask for Referrals.

Another surefire way of landing a good attorney to represent your case is consulting your friends, colleagues an family members. There are high chances that these folks might have encountered a car accident in the past and hired a car accident lawyer. If they were satisfied with the attorney they’d gladly recommend them to you.

Passion to handle your case:

Yes, you want a lawyer who shows the interest to fight for you or your loved ones- one who values your recovery more than his bank account.

Most lawyers out there will do everything to make you hire them. But once they won your file and realise you lack an insurance cover or have suffered minor injuries , they start losing interest.

This is not the kind of lawyer you’d want to hire for your car injury.


Most car accident victims make a big mistake by failing to consider the money needed to fund their cases when hiring an attorney, As you know, auto accident lawsuits aren’t cheap.

Make sure your attorney can afford to represent your case from the beginning to the end, and that finances do not influence his decisions.

Hiring lawyers who can’t afford your case will result in your claim being compromised.

What to do before meeting with the law firm:

You’ve followed our expert advice and you’ve landed the best lawyer for your particular case. Now,you’re headed for your first meeting with the lawyer.

Thale a pause!

Before you get out of your house to meet with the law firm, heres’s what you need to do:

-First, grab a en and a piece of paper and write down notes about your case

-Also, gather all the relevant evidence and documents related to your accident. For example, look for and make copies of medical bills, insurance policies and police reports.

When you bring all the above items to your first meeting, you’ll be fully prepared to explain your problem clearly and coherently.

How much does a car accident lawyer cost?

All car accident attorneys should handle your case on a contingent fee basis (that is, you only pay a given percentage of your recovery, but you don’t cater for any legal fee if you fail to recover)

Final thoughts:

You’ve just learned how to hire a car accident lawyer who’s highly reliable, skilled, experienced and ready to push on with your case from the start to the end. If you follow our tips above you’ll be able to bypass most of the mistakes people make when trying to get a compensation after they are injured on a car accident

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