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Because all attorneys work on a contingency fee bases its really hard to difference the good from the best to represent you on your specific case, we try to save you time by providing you information and research about the best 5 car accident lawyers in San Diego.


Automobile accidents are increasing at an alarming rate in San Diego, CA. The growing number of cars on our roads, large engines, drunk driving, elderly motorists, and unlicensed drivers are some of the reasons behind these fatalities.

As you know, these accidents have dreadful effects on the victims ranging from physical to emotional damages and even death! Thus, you’re always advised to look for a skilled automobile accident lawyer to represent your interests….

How exactly do you pick the best attorney for your specific case? It’s not as easy as it sounds.

How to hire the best auto accident lawyer in San Diego California 2016.


The first and most important step in finding an automobile accident lawyer is looking at their level of experience.

Remember that you’re looking for a lawyer who must be highly skilled to increase your chances at obtaining a better settlement.

Look for a lawyer who has handled many cases that are similar to yours and ask yourself the following questions to ensure you choose an attorney with significant experience:

Has he handled similar cases before? How long has the lawyer been practicing law? does he plead trials regularly? is he willing to go to the trial or he’ll push hard to settle your case?

Communication is Key!

Regular communication between you and your attorney is important, why?  It allows you to stay informed about your case, ask any questions you may have regarding your case, etc.

Make sure you hire an attorney who answers your calls, replies personally to emails, and answers questions as fast as possible.

Different lawyers have different communication policies. For example, some state that they return calls as well as emails within certain hours. Others require scheduled appointments (in person or by telephone) to answer questions.

Make sure you understand your attorney’s method of communication if you want to ensure a more effective process until a settlement intervenes.

Does the attorney have a winning record?

A real question you should ask yourself when hiring an auto accident attorney.

Look for a lawyer with a proven track record and who wins cases. Period.

You might take this as a simple statement but keep in mind that there’s a reason why attorney A keeps winning while attorney B keeps losing.

Often, attorneys who lose cases do so because they always do something not interviewing the witnesses, not correctly completing all the required papers, not following up with the opposing counsel and judges, etc.

Ask for Referrals.

Another surefire way of landing a good attorney to represent your case is consulting your friends, colleagues and family members. There are high chances that these folks might have been implicated in a car accident in the past and hired a car accident lawyer. If they were satisfied with the attorney they’d gladly recommend them to you.

Passion to handle your case:

Yes, you want a lawyer who shows the interest to fight for you or your loved ones- one who values your recovery more than his bank account.

Most lawyers will do everything to make you hire them. But once they won your case and realise you lack insurance coverage or have only suffered minor injuries, they start losing interest.

This is not the kind of lawyer you’d want to hire for your personal injury due to a vehicle accident.


Most car accident victims make a big mistake by failing to consider the money needed to fund their cases when hiring an attorney, As you know, auto accSan diego california car accident lawyers 2016ident lawsuits aren’t cheap.

Make sure your attorney can afford to take your case and represent your interests from start to finish, and that finances do not influence his decisions.

Hiring lawyers who can’t afford to handle your case will result in your claim being compromised.

What to do before meeting  with the law firm

You’ve followed our expert advice and you’ve landed the best lawyer for your particular case. Now,you’re headed for your first meeting with the lawyer.

Take a pause!

Before you leave your house to meet with the law firm, here’s what you need to do:

-First, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down notes and questions about your case

-Also, gather all the relevant evidence and documents related to your accident. For example, look for and make copies of medical bills, insurance policies and police reports.

When you bring all the above items to your first meeting, you’ll be fully prepared to explain your problem clearly and coherently.

How much does a car accident lawyer cost?

All car accident attorneys should handle your case on a contingency fee basis (that is, you only pay a given percentage of the amount recovered, but you don’t pay any legal fees if you fail to recover any amounts)

Final thoughts:

You’ve just learned how to hire a car accident lawyer who’s highly reliable, skilled, experienced and ready to push on with your case from the start to the finish. If you follow our tips hereinabove you’ll be able to bypass most of the mistakes people make when trying to get compensation after they are injured in a car accident.


Top Five Car Accident Lawyers in San Diego

Car accidents cases are common San Diego, CA. Consequentially, there are a lot of personal injury lawyers in the city. Most of these lawyers claim to offer the best services featuring fast turnaround of results to their clients. In order to uncover the truth, we embarked on a thorough fact-finding mission to determine the best lawyers in San Diego based on customer satisfaction, skill and experience levels, and the number of successful trials. After comparing and weighing all the qualities, we came up with a list of five best lawyers who met our search criteria.

1 Jennifer L Martinez

Jennifer Martinez is a good lawyer who offers top quality legal services based on compassion to accident victims and their families in San Diego. She is a co-owner at the Martinez & Schill LLP where she heads the personal injury department. She has extensive experience in personal injury cases including, spinal injuries, organ damage, brain injuries, scars, lacerations, disfigurement and amputation. Her high level of experience and excellent track record earned her a spot in San Diego Business Journal’s “Best of the Bar” list. Her firm offers free initial consultation services with effective customer support system. The firm also handles cases on a contingency basis, so a client will pay only if the case is successful.

2 Brian R Mason

Brian Mason is a personal injury lawyer you would want by your side after a car accident. He dedicates his time and effort to remain committed to your case until you get the best results. He has seven years of experience as a licensed lawyer specialized in personal injury, domestic violence, bankruptcy and criminal defense. He serves the whole of San Diego County and currently has a BBB rating of A+. He serves on contingency basis for personal injury cases. Brian Mason also operates every day from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

3 Randy Walton

Most people require a personal injury lawyer who can stand by them and fight for their rights to the end. One of the lawyers in San Diego, CA who does this perfectly is Randy Walton. For 20 years, his law firm has fought many legal battles with insurance companies and guilty car owners for the local accident victims in the northern parts of San Diego County. Randy Walton takes all personal injury cases on a contingency fee hence the client does not have to pay if there is no recovery. He serves cities such as Poway, Oceanside and Carlsbad. Apart from personal injury, he also pursues wrongful death, neglect and domestic abuse. He has a 10/10 rating on

4 Frank James Polek

Frank Polek is a personal injury lawyer who has a reputation as aggressive, strategic, and determined lawyer who will not settle for less until you get what you deserve. He has 20 years of experience at the Bar Associating of California. In addition to personal injury, Frank also assists those who have consumer protection issues, civil litigation and liability cases. He offers free consultations for 30 minutes and charges an hourly rate between $300 and $450. He offers services to people from any part of San Diego County.

5 William R O’Connell

William R O’Connell has been in the legal industry for the past 36 years. He received his license to practice law in 1976, and since then, he has helped many personal injury victims in Sand Diego get the compensations they deserve. He majors in personal injury and criminal defense law and has a BBB rating of A+, which means he has no customer complaint issues, delivery problems or character issues.


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SD Accident Law Group National Scholarship

We are happy to announce the annual National Scholarship. Every day we help people who have been hurt in San Diego car accidents or other types of personal injury situations and are struggling to keep up with medical bills and their daily lives. We are dedicated to helping them navigate their situations, and we have designed this scholarship to award a student whose essay shows an understanding and appreciation for the type of work we do.

The 2016 deadline will be December 15, 2016. The winner will receive $5,000 toward educational expenses.

Applications are under review for the 2016 scholarship! Keep an eye out for updated details and application forms for 2017 after the first of the year. The deadline for the 2016 scholarship will be December 15, 2016.


In order to be eligible for the SD Accident Law Group National Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be accepted to or currently enrolled in an accredited college, university, or graduate program within the United States.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Applicants should also demonstrate good character and strong motivation despite challenges.


Applicants must submit the following documents to be considered:

  • A completed application form (click here to download)
  • A current high school, college, or graduate school transcript
  • A typed essay of 300-500 words exploring how personal injury lawyers play a role leading safety initiatives by helping those injured and how you as an individual can promote personal and community safety into your everyday life.

Completed materials can be submitted by any of the following methods:

Key Dates

  • The application and supporting material must be received by December 15, 2016.
  • The scholarship winner will be notified by email on December 31, 2016.


The scholarship must be applied to tuition and other education-related expenses. A check will be made payable to the recipient’s educational institution directly. You are expected to submit any receipts to remain in compliance with the IRS.