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With the growth and expansion of cities, commuting has become a big part in every person’s life. Whether you decide to run errands for someone or you decide to drive to another town for the weekend, driving takes up a good amount of our time. With the advancement in technology, the cars are becoming increasingly efficient as well as safe, however, this doesn’t mean that the rate of car accidents is decreasing.

In fact, car accidents are responsible for a majority of deaths in the United States. This also applies to San Diego which is a

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dream place for a lot of people to live in. However, it does have its negatives such as the hectic nature of commute from one place to another. Though


these accidents are often caused because of weather conditions, unexpected delays, defective road conditions, and heavy traffic, a majority of the accidents occur because of driving behaviors of people.

It has been reported that in San Diego alone, car accidents are responsible for more than a hundred deaths and more than 15,000 injuries.

What causes road accidents in San Diego?

While natural factors are partially responsible for road accidents, human behavior is also largely at fault.

  1. Distracted driving:

This is the leading cause of collisions and car accidents regardless of the city, state or country you might be in. Distracted driving means the driver’s use of cell phone, drinking, reading, drinking, adjusting the radio, listening to music, talking to the passengers, using the navigation system or watching a video while driving a vehicle.

While all of these mentioned behaviors are alarming, the mot concerning of them is texting since the user needs to be engaged cognitively, visually, and manually thus, posing a major risk to not only the driver him or herself but also to the people surrounding them. At any given moment, more than 660,000 people are engaged in their mobile phones while driving.

  1. Speeding:

This is also another common cause of road accidents. In fact, in San Diego back in 2013, a total of 5,068 collisions took place because of driving at an unsafe speed which means that 33% of the total collisions that took place in the county in the year were because of speeding. The action of speeding can be linked to being in a rush and to a lack of attention.

  1. Driving under influence:

Despite receiving great publicity, car accidents because of driving under influence cease to subside. It is quite sad that people still continue to drive their vehicles while they are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. This poses a great risk to all the other people who are driving safely on the road.

In San Diego, driving under influence has led to the death of 26 people and the injury of 1,273 victims in the year 2013. Driving under influence certainly can be listed as the leading causes of accidents, however, it is also the most preventable. The responsibility is only in the hands of the driver. They should understand the risk that comes with driving under influence.

  1. Neglected road networks:

Apart from drivers, a number of organizations can also be held responsible for a car accident. Agencies of city government and state government that do not maintain or design the roads properly can also be held accountable for car crashes. Usually, confusing designs and broken streets lead to the loss of control which causes serious injuries.

  1. Defective automobile parts:

In some rare cases, the manufacturer of the vehicle might have put a defective part in the car because of which the occupant of the vehicle was put at risk. Examples of these defects include leaking tanks and failing tires which have the power of worsening the potential results of the crash.

San Diego Car accident injuries

In almost all of the cases, car accidents cause a number of debilitating and painful injuries. There is no certainty about which part of the body will be injured in a car crash, however, some parts are more susceptible than others to harm. A few of the most common injuries are listed below:

  1. Back and neck injuries:

A typical car crash produces a large amount of force because of which passengers and drivers are frequently jolted and thrown around. Neck injuries can range from less severe injuries such as neck strain and whiplash to more severe injuries like cervical radiculopathy, and disc displacement. Since the back is in conjunction with the neck, it is also at a high risk. Injuries to the back include disc injuries, strains, fractures, and sprains while more serious injuries include thoracic spine injury and lumbar radiculopathy. There are also cases in which a person become immobile for the rest of their life due to the severity of the accident they were a part of.

  1. Head and brain:

The most common injury regarding the brain and the head in a car accident ranges from concussions to traumatic injuries. Such injuries often occur because of the direct contact of the head with a part of the car. Airbags can also lead to brain injuries because of the nature of the impact that they cause.

  1. Broken bones:

Broken and fractured bones are expected in almost all sorts of road crash accidents. Most commonly, collar bones and bones of the legs, fingers, ankles, wrists, and arms are susceptible to fractures. However, each body part is put at risk in a car collision.

  1. Burns:

Another common outcome of car accidents is burns. When a person comes in contact with the roadway or with the moving parts of the car, friction occurs due to which, the victims are left with serious burns ranging from the first degree to third degree burns on their bodies.

  1. Loss of limbs:

Victims involved in a serious car accident can lose a limb because they are trapped in a compromising position. Such injuries can lead to either partial amputations or full amputations.

  1. Lacerations and cuts:

Other injuries include laceration and cuts not only limited to the face, but also on the back, abdomen, and limbs. The nature of these lacerations ranges from mild to serious and can often require bandaging and sutures.

Dealing with the aftermath

Since the impact of car accidents can be quite severe, people involved in it are put at a high risk of suffering huge losses. After an accident, emergency medical attention is required in order to properly attend to the wounds of the survivor, to determine the severity of the injuries and to prevent the victim from worsening the injury.

There are other losses that a crash survivor experiences apart from physical injuries. Vehicle damage, medical procedures, and inability to work because of the injury can create a huge financial burden which often continues to pile up in the following years if it is not mitigated.

What You Can Do

The good news is that with the help of a court case, a san diego car accident lawyer or an insurance claim, you can prove that your injury was because of a car crash and that the crash was the responsibility of another party and that consequently, you are liable for a compensation that can help you to deal with the loss you have suffered.

You need to be aware, however, that the parties at fault and their respective insurance companies will try their best to prevent the litigation from harming their financial profits and wellbeing. Your case will only be successful if you take the help of an experienced San Diego car accident lawyer whose concern is the recovery of the survivor and who makes use of an evidence-based strategy which can refute all of the claims that the party at fault makes.

Filing a lawsuit

One important thing that you need to know is that you can file a lawsuit which has a two-year statute against the insurance company in the case where you are involved in a San Diego car crash accident. This means that within two years of your crash, you should file a claim against the insurance company in court. Failure to do this results in the loss of the right to recover financial compensation for suffering, pain, medical benefits, and lost wages that you had to pay for.

In fact, if you decide to hire a lawyer for handling your accident in San Diego as soon as possible, then you have a big chance of maximizing the compensation provided to you as stated by the California law.  If your friend, a family member or you yourself have been involved in a car crash in the state of California then the law of the state entitles you to a few benefits which include medical bills, general damages to property and vehicle, lost wages, and pain. Understand that these are your rights and you should use them in the case of a car accident.

Unfortunately, people sometimes like to handle their case all by themselves. Consequently, they give out statements to the party at fault which could be harmful later on during negotiations. For this reason, hiring a reliable car accident lawyer is much better so that you are guided through the intimidating legal system by someone who has handled numerous similar cases and can get the compensation that you deserve.

Choosing the right car accident lawyer in San Diego

In the case where you are injured in a car accident and have suffered great losses, you need to find yourself a San Diego car accident attorney that can help you in overcoming the majority of loss that you have financially experienced. Here is a small checklist that you should consider before you go ahead and pick a San Diego car accident lawyer:

  1. Experience:

It is common knowledge that the lawyer you choose should have sufficient experience and practice. Essentially, the lawyer you choose should be familiar with properly handling your case.

  1. Knowledge:

Do a background check on the education of a lawyer you are considering. You can tell a lot about the lawyer only with his or her association memberships, academic achievements, and certifications.

  1. Payment:

Try to choose lawyers that charge their clients on the basis of contingency. This means that you don’t have to pay your lawyer until your case has been settled successfully. This depicts honesty, as well as confidence on the lawyer’s part.

  1. History:

A truthful and an honest lawyer will allow you to view previous settlements and past results to provide you with an idea of what you should and what you shouldn’t expect in court.

Why should you hire professionals?

It is a universal truth that dealing with any kind of injury is excruciatingly difficult. However, when it comes to dealing with such an injury that was a result of someone else’s wrong actions instead of your own, coping with it becomes even more difficult.

Anger, frustration, and anxiety can easily set in when you are involved in an accident regardless of how minor it is. Dealing with physical injuries is already stressful and when the psychological impacts are added to the equation, the stress accompanying a car accident increases thus, worsening your health.

Whether you are involved in a catastrophic car crash that has led to a major brain injury or in a minor accident which led to a few scratches, the path of recovery is always a difficult one to make.

Furthermore, retrieving the compensation you deserve is difficult as well. Regardless of the extent of your accident, the stress of dealing with doctors, with the work you have missed because of the injuries you have suffered, with the insurance company and with medical treatments including physical therapy, always takes away time which you could spend with your family or which you could consume in activities that you enjoy.

All of the factors that have been mentioned above can easily become quite overwhelming for anyone that has been involved in a crash accident. Therefore, the next step is to deal with the stress by getting back on track and by retrieving your health to as it was before you were involved in the accident, as much as possible.

To do this, you need financial compensation that you deserve and the only person qualified enough for making this possible is a San Diego car accident attorney. Post-traumatic stress disorder, suffering, lost wages, pain, and psychological trauma are few of the problems that a person involved in a car crash experiences. However, the situation can be made better by hiring an experienced San Diego auto accident lawyer if you happened to experience the car accident in the city.

Top Five Car Accident Lawyers in San Diego

Car accidents cases are common San Diego, CA. Consequentially, there are a lot of personal injury lawyers in the city. Most of these lawyers claim to offer the best services featuring fast turnaround of results to their clients. In order to uncover the truth, we embarked on a thorough fact-finding mission to determine the best lawyers in San Diego based on customer satisfaction, skill and experience levels, and the number of successful trials. After comparing and weighing all the qualities, we came up with a list of five best lawyers who met our search criteria.

1 Jennifer L Martinez

Jennifer Martinez is a good lawyer who offers top quality legal services based on compassion to accident victims and their families in San Diego. She is a co-owner at the Martinez & Schill LLP where she heads the personal injury department. She has extensive experience in personal injury cases including, spinal injuries, organ damage, brain injuries, scars, lacerations, disfigurement and amputation. Her high level of experience and excellent track record earned her a spot in San Diego Business Journal’s “Best of the Bar” list. Her firm offers free initial consultation services with effective customer support system. The firm also handles cases on a contingency basis, so a client will pay only if the case is successful.

2 Brian R Mason

Brian Mason is a personal injury lawyer you would want by your side after a car accident. He dedicates his time and effort to remain committed to your case until you get the best results. He has seven years of experience as a licensed lawyer specialized in personal injury, domestic violence, bankruptcy and criminal defense. He serves the whole of San Diego County and currently has a BBB rating of A+. He serves on contingency basis for personal injury cases. Brian Mason also operates every day from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

3 Randy Walton

Most people require a personal injury lawyer who can stand by them and fight for their rights to the end. One of the lawyers in San Diego, CA who does this perfectly is Randy Walton. For 20 years, his law firm has fought many legal battles with insurance companies and guilty car owners for the local accident victims in the northern parts of San Diego County. Randy Walton takes all personal injury cases on a contingency fee hence the client does not have to pay if there is no recovery. He serves cities such as Poway, Oceanside and Carlsbad. Apart from personal injury, he also pursues wrongful death, neglect and domestic abuse. He has a 10/10 rating on avvo.com.

4 Frank James Polek

Frank Polek is a personal injury lawyer who has a reputation as aggressive, strategic, and determined lawyer who will not settle for less until you get what you deserve. He has 20 years of experience at the Bar Associating of California. In addition to personal injury, Frank also assists those who have consumer protection issues, civil litigation and liability cases. He offers free consultations for 30 minutes and charges an hourly rate between $300 and $450. He offers services to people from any part of San Diego County.

5 William R O’Connell

William R O’Connell has been in the legal industry for the past 36 years. He received his license to practice law in 1976, and since then, he has helped many personal injury victims in Sand Diego get the compensations they deserve. He majors in personal injury and criminal defense law and has a BBB rating of A+, which means he has no customer complaint issues, delivery problems or character issues

SD Accident Law Group National Scholarship

We are happy to announce the annual National Scholarship. Every day we help people who have been hurt in San Diego car accidents or other types of personal injury situations and are struggling to keep up with medical bills and their daily lives. We are dedicated to helping them navigate their situations, and we have designed this scholarship to award a student whose essay shows an understanding and appreciation for the type of work we do.

The 2016 deadline will be December 15, 2016. The winner will receive $5,000 toward educational expenses.

Applications are under review for the 2016 scholarship! Keep an eye out for updated details and application forms for 2017 after the first of the year. The deadline for the 2016 scholarship will be December 15, 2016.


In order to be eligible for the SD Accident Law Group National Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be accepted to or currently enrolled in an accredited college, university, or graduate program within the United States.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Applicants should also demonstrate good character and strong motivation despite challenges.


Applicants must submit the following documents to be considered:

  • A completed application form (click here to download)
  • A current high school, college, or graduate school transcript
  • A typed essay of 300-500 words exploring how personal injury lawyers play a role leading safety initiatives by helping those injured and how you as an individual can promote personal and community safety into your everyday life.

Completed materials can be submitted by any of the following methods:

Key Dates

  • The application and supporting material must be received by December 15, 2016.
  • The scholarship winner will be notified by email on December 31, 2016.


The scholarship must be applied to tuition and other education-related expenses. A check will be made payable to the recipient’s educational institution directly. You are expected to submit any receipts to remain in compliance with the IRS.


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